Start - Aktuell - OPEN CALL: #Me-Too and Feminism in East and West
OPEN CALL: #Me-Too and Feminism in East and West
17 iul/ 2019 - 21 aug/ 2019
Raum: Kyiv and Berlin


Goethe-Institut Ukraine invites artists from the fields of literature, film, theatre, dance and visual arts to participate in the artistic-reflexive laboratory in Kyiv and Berlin, in the framework of project “METAMORPHOSIS. #Me-Too and Feminism in East and West”.

There is a wave of women's protests today, ranging from Women's March to Czarny protest, from #Me-Too to #Imnotafraidtosayit  (#яНеБоюсьсказати). Not only do they raise feminist issues, such as reproductive rights or workplace harassment, but also enable a political subjectivity to offer socio-political alternatives to the current status quo, and especially to the creeping right populist agendas. In this context, we would like to ask a provocative question: Can this new wave be perceived as the fourth wave of feminism or is it a provisional sketch of a universal emancipatory idea for the 21st century? How do art and cultural workers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Russia and Ukraine reflect these processes in their societies and how do they intervene in the structural conflict caused by gender inequality?


Reflexive Art Laboratory

Kyiv, 22–25 October (travel days 21st and 26th of October)

Our four-day laboratory is a workshop and an open discussion space. Every day, we offer a topic to elaborate in several formats. Our themes for the three days are body (motherhood, queerness, ways of life, exploitation), power relations(structural) violence, concepts of success, role models and heroines) and solidarity.

The group work will be followed by exchanges with the local artistic scene and then shared with the general public in the evening.

The last day, the preparation and discussion of possible co-productions connected to the topics will take place.

Berlin, mid-November/ 47th calendar  week Conference

The conference organized by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) approaches the topics of emancipative movements, historical dispositions of gender equality, images of femininity, the participation of women. Its intersectional format will offer a frame for the presentation of our lab experiences.

Working language is English.


We provide:

- travel costs to the lab in Kyiv (ticket, hotel and per diems)

- travel costs to the conference in Berlin (ticket, hotel and per diems)

- honorarium for your presentations


Who can apply?

- Artists from the fields of literature, music, film, theatre, dance or/and fine art;

- You already have a finished artwork that is connected to the project topic and you are willing to present it;

- You are willing to meet possible co-production partners

- You are acknowledged in the topic of the project

- You speak English fluently;

- You are a young and up-and-coming artist


Submission and deadlines:

Please send your CV, a description of your work to *

*Applicants from the Republic of Moldova.

Application deadline: 21.08.2019.


„METAMORPHOSIS. #Me-Too and Feminism in East and West“ is a cooperation project of the Federal Agency for Civic Education and Goethe-Institute Ukraine, funded by the Federal Foreign Office.


(c) Image: Clem Onojeghuo